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Maine Jung Center

  • Maine Jung Center 183 Park Row Avenue Brunswick, ME United States (map)

Cooked in the Vessel: A Personal Experience of Alchemy in the 21st Century

Jung abruptly stopped work on the Red Book to pursue alchemy, which he saw as a mirror image of the individuation process. “The experiences of the alchemists were, in a sense, my experiences, and their world was my world,” he wrote in Psychology and Alchemy. What was it that he saw? What the alchemists called the Philosopher’s Stone, Jung thought of as the Self. In this presentation, Diane Croft will show how she got “cooked” in the alchemical vessel in the same way the alchemists described the transformative process centuries ago. She will bring life and currency to a psychological process that is not about changing a person into someone else; it’s about bringing something out in a person that has been there all along.”

If you would like Diane to speak at your center, please contact her directly.